More About Me

Living in Santa Monica's Ocean Park neighborhood is really the best of all worlds. Ocean Park combines bits of everything I love-- great food; beautiful beaches; interesting, creative people; exceptional schools and spectacular real estate. There is an overwhelming sense of community in Santa Monica. I get so much from it-and I give back, particularly through my involvement in our public schools.

Originally from New York City, I've called Los Angeles my home for over 15 years. But I did plenty of research before setting down roots in Santa Monica. After graduating from Brown University, I traveled the country, living in northern California, Colorado, Maine and back in New York City before I decided Los Angeles would be my home. During those years I worked as a white-water river rafting guide, a crew coach and a professional photographer.

But I grew up in a real estate family and, to no one's surprise I was easily and happily lured in. The passion for real estate I had witnessed in my relatives working in both residential and commercial real estate sales and development was hard to resist. Although I am also an attorney (and practiced Family Law, Special Education Law and Contract Law for several years), it was only a matter of time before I left the legal profession to join my family as a real estate broker.

My legal background and training as a certified mediator are obvious assets in the real estate business. Because of my family law background, I am particularly helpful when the family home is being sold as the result of a divorce. I understand the financial implications of the sale of a home during (or after) a divorce, but I also fully appreciate the emotional impact a divorce can have on a family, and I am able and willing to help when conflicts come up.

My expertise as a photographer is proving to be just as helpful as my legal training. I have an eye for things that are intrinsically -- if not obviously--beautiful and I come equipped with an arsenal of ideas for how to redesign and renovate any space.

When I'm not working or volunteering I am often walking along the beach or the bike path with my son, Max, and his service dog, Apollo. And if you don't see me out walking I may be at Peet's having coffee with some of my neighbors.